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Doklam Crisis: India vs China

As we all know India and China stand's faceoff for atleast two months. In the mean time China's leading "Global Times" and "Xinhua" are posting daily threats to India, as these portals are considered to be China's mouthpiece. China is forcing India to withdraw it troops in any condition as these would affect China's CPEC and OBOR. But if India takes back it troops China will gain access right to northeastern states of India till Siliguri which joins India's northeastern states and is considered to be a golden neck for India. 

International media is also keen on reporting standoffs between India and China. As India has received support from the United States, China has threatened India that if United States comes in support for India, China will support Pakistan in Kashmir issue which is going on for 70' years between India and Pakistan. China was also angered when Japanese diplomat Kenji Hiramatsu supported India's stand in Doklam crisis. China heavily came down on Hiramatsu remarks and suggested that Japan should not comment on the crisis without knowing the facts. Japan and United States are urging both India and China should solve the issue with dialogue's. China is in no mood to go for talks with India, as china has preconditioned for talks that first India should withdraw its troops. 

China also issued an ultimatum for India that few dozens of troops and one bulldozer is a piece of cake for China and after the ultimatum is over India will be responsible for all consequences. Arund Jaitley remarks of "India is not the India of 1962" also angered China and Chinese media and news agencies came down heavily on remarks of Arun Jaitley. Chinese media reported that these types of remarks will not solve the issue but go for military options which is not affordable for both India and China. Chinese media also commented on Sushma Swaraj speech in Lok Sabha about the crisis between India and China. Xinhua reported that India is fooling its own people without gettig the facts right. 

South East and Asia Pacific region is also keeping an eye on the standoffs between India and China as China is in dispute with other several countries in these region. As all South East Asian countries have concerns over China's growing military strength, these countries are urging to solve the issue with dialogues. Pakistan all time friend of China has supported China's stand and gathered all its support for China from Doklam to CPEC, OBOR and other disputes. While India is receiving more and more support China is steadily more aggressive and warning India of the consequences. Chinese media was surprised by India's stand on Doklam issue, as Doklam is a tri junction which meets India, Bhutan and China. Bhutan have long relations of military cooperation with India and Indian military deals all its foreign affairs. In Doklam issue Bhutan confronted with China and asserted India to take on the issue. 


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