Should Kashmir be handled by Military

All local govenments in Jammu & Kashmir have failed to deliver. Center has provided millions of cash fund for the benefits of people of Jammu & Kashmir, but the funds have failed to reach the common people. Kashmir terrorism issue, Stone pelting and other different components which keeps kashmir burning everyday. India's former Chief of Information Mr. Wajatullah who is a Kashmiri has written a book which analysis on Kashmir's Religion issue.In this century Mosque which spread Wahabism has spread from 8 to 660. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan provide funds and manpower for spreading Wahabism in Jammu & Kashmir.

Even today there are huge numbers of common kashmiris who are earning through Tourism, but terrorism in the valley has sidelined tourism.Last year Mr. Wajatullah requested Mr. Gilani the separatist leader not to promote terrorism, but Gilani refused. 3 years before where the percentage of voting in the General elections was 70%, today it is 7%. Wahabism terrorists clearly has views which do not believe in Democracy or Kashmiri Business. Separists leaders like Gilani and others are bread and butter of Pakitans ISI and Islmic State. Common Kashmiris are against the local administration but they do not want to become Wahabist terrorist. If this was the case then Police recruitment and Indian Military recruitment would not have been a success. Moreover 50 schools in kashmir were burnt, but 95% of students were attending their school exams. 

If the local administration want talks with terrorist and separists leader, it should bare in mind that these types of people do not have the rights to think about themselves. Separists leader talk Pakistan's tone and receives funds from Pakistan, so why should the local administration and central government have a talk with them. Even if some separists leader speak about Independence then he is involved in some criminal cases. All separists know this very well.

While dealing with Pakistan, India knows that they are having an upper hand not only in Military but also in Economics and Government, and Pakistan know that they will have to pay heavily if they go to war with India. Leaders like Farukh Abdulla, Digvijay Singh and others budgetary statements, Indias hand have been tied backwards.

Current Indian government has the power to stop Wahabism terrorism in Kashmir, but if Government tries to put a breadk on this, then the opposition parties will have an issue that Government is spreading Hinduism and the country is divided into religious separatism. 

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