Modi and India in 2019

As Mr. Modi was elected the Prime Minister in 2014. The way his party BJP came into power was stunning and the opposition parties are still in denial mode and confused. BJP had a clear mandate with majority after 1984 elections. The first part to do so in general elections in last 30 years. Social media and PR paid a big role in winning the elections for BJP. As there will be the presidential elections in July 2017. BJP and congress both are waiting for their candidates visa-vis, both will declare their candidates. BJP has a upper hand in winning the presidential elections as Rajya Sabha the upper house will also have the majory of BJP MP's. The lower house Lok Sabha has already clear majority for BJP. As we all know the members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha vote for the presidential candidate. Even some parties from South like the AIADM and TDP are joining hands with BJP and have provided their support for the presidential candate lead by BJP. 

BJP has already started working very hard for 2019 elections and there is no doubt their candidate will be none other than the current Prime Minister Modi. There is a chance of BJP winning again in 2019 as they have worked hard in gaining their popularity in print and electronic media. Congress party has not yet decided the future of Rahul Gandhi as their party president. Senior congress leaders are looking to rope in Mr. Rahul Gandhi for the Prime Ministerial post, but the high command is in no mood to select Mr. Gandhi for the post. As declaring Rahul Gandhi as the president of the party will be good for party, according to senior leaders who are looking to leave the party and join BJP. Even after Rahul Gandhi is declared as the part president, there is no chance of Congress party winning the 2019 elections. If Congress is defeated in 2019 the whole career of Rahul Gandhi will be in trouble, as there will be no other candidate than Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister.

Now is there any chance for BJP to win elections with the same majority as they won in 2014. According to some sources from the media and political analysts, BJP will gain the same popularity as they gained in 2014, even the congress party will loose more seats as compared to 2014. There is no chance of other party coming to power, as the "Mahagatbandhan" lead by Sonia Gandhi and other opposition parties has not yet decided weather they should unite to defeat BJP in 2019. As India's economy is growing at 7.2% under Modi's leadership, it will be around 7.5-7.8% till 2019 which will give BJP upper hand in the elections, as BJP is very good at social media marketing. After researching on the internet and according to political analyst BJP will come to power in 2019 and the prime minister will be Mr. Modi.

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