India and Pakistan in ICJ

As we all know that India and Pakistan are once again face to face for Kulbushan Jadhav at the headquarters of International Court of Justice(ICJ) in Hague, Netherlands. India defended its case strongly against Pakistan's allegation. From Indian side Mr. Harish Salve presented the case while Mr. Khawar Qureshi for Pakistan. With a strong statement that Pakistan has never granted any access to Kulbushan Jadhav where the Indian side has applied 16 times for the permission of access. Mr. Salve talked for about one and half hour infront of the jury. He opposed Jadhav's death sentence and specified that Pakistan has given death sentence without any consent of hearing from Jadhav. Mr. Salve also mentioned that Jadhav would be hanged even before the courts procedings are over. Jadhav was captured from Iran and military courts in Pakistan gave death sentence. India proposed for Charge sheet and other documents from Pakistan which Pakistan has denied till today. After both India and Pakistan lawyers presented their side, ICJ stopped the hearing and gave a verdict against Pakistan.
The ICJ Judge said while addresing the predict "Mr. Jadhav should not be hanged and should be taken care until the final verdict is heared". Mr. Qureshi who represented Pakistan accepted 50 Thousand Pounds as his lawyer fee from the Pakistan government whereas Mr. Salve representing India charged only Rs.1 from the Indian government. After hearing the verdict Pakistan media took on the Pak government and lawyers representing Pakistan and blamed them that they fail to showcase their case in the ICJ. The pakistani media also blamed for the appointment of Mr. Qureshi representing pakistan as Mr. Qureshi is settled in UK. Pak media blamed he was selected only for his english accent. Pakistan diplomat also blamed Pak government and lawyers in the way Pakistan handled the case in ICJ. As usual Pakistan denied the jurisdiction of ICJ.
After the ICJ jurisdiction Pakistan common people start blaming the Government and critised the Government as any case related to India is a great consense in Pakistan.

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