How to start your freelancing career

As many Indians are looking for part time jobs, work from home jobs, they could not receive one legit company where they can earn regularly on monthly basis. All companies asks for upfront money or charges, once paying the charges the company ignores you and you are trapped.

I was also trapped with 4 companies when I started for looking jobs on Google. I paid around 10,000 to 4 different companies, but none of them was able to provide me jobs, it was a basic typing job where the company provided pdf images and simply you have to type to word or notepad. but these companies pay you for the first 3 months as you have already deposited advanced money to them, so there is no such big deal for this company to pay you for three months. For eg if you paid them 5,000 they can provide you 2,500–3,000 in the first three months to gain your cofidence, thereafter you start receiving negative feedbacks from the company, and after some day they totally ignore you.
After this heck i heard from one of my friend that he was working on freelancing websites and he is earning good income. Therefore i decided to join one of the website, registered on the websites, created my profile and viewed other profiles who were earning good. I came to know that this was a legit company and was working worlwide. So I decided to start working on this website. It took me 6 months to figure out how the website works, and three months to receive my first project, receiving your first project is a daunting task as there are lot of competitors like you working first time to receive their projects. But you cannot recieve projects before you complete some tests. These tests are regarding which category you work on. For eg if you work as a social media marketing manager, you tests will be regarding facebook, twitter, instagram and others. The more you pass your tests the more is the chance to win your first project. Once you receive your first project then you can set your own salary, your own working hrs. You can also build a team with other freelancers who works in the same category as you.

Now i have hired 4 individuals working for me. I only bid on projects and receive them, my team completes the projects. I can also help new freelancers to start their career. For more details please contact or whatsapp me on 9689614006 or drop me an email at

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