Into the world of spies

India's RAW, Pakistan's ISI, Israel's MOSAD, America's CIA, Russia's KGB. From last 4 decades all these spy agencies has kept an intact on the whole world. These agencies try to accomplish all the missions given to them in any country.

Indias former naval officer Khulbushan Jadhav was arrested last year by Pakistan on behalf of espionage. After that Pakistan Military Court declared death sentence to Jadhav. Pakistan blamed Jadhav that he was a RAW agent, spreading terrorism in Pakisan, illegal activities in Balochistan. Indian Government has declared all these claims as rubbish. Jadhav is a RAW agent can only be confirmed by India and not Pakistan, the Indian Government conveyed its strong message to Pakistan, because no country in the world keeps their spy's identity or any documents details.

Hollywood movies such as "James Bond", "Mission Impossible", "Zero Dark Thirty" and bollywood's "Ek Tha Tiger", "BABY" deals over their respected coutnries spying agencies. Even common mans interest has grown watching all these movies and he is eager to know more about spying agents. After the news flashed on the Indian Media that Jadhav will be executed, there are discussion and debates in the Media about spying agencies and all these have been watched by the Indian viewers, with great interest. Shivaji Maharaj also knew the importance of spies while developing the Maratha Empire. Baharji Naik was the spy of Shivaji Maharaj who was good at changing his looks, he can change his looks to Begger, Fakir, Saints, and more. Spy agencies work through these format. CIA and MOSAD can hack any important documents and information in any part of the world. Gordon Thomas the writer of the book "The Secret History of the MOSAD" discover all details of MOSAD in great depth. Gordon Thomas is a Spy analyst keeping an eye on MOSAD. The book deals with "Dianas Death", "Bill Clinton-Monica Lewisky" controversy  in which two spies were involved. Morris a former spy of MOSAD was involved in keeping an eye in Paris. Ritz Hotel in Paris was a golden egg for all leading spying agencies where all the leading clients from all over world would meet. Morris was involved in contacting the vice president of the security agency which was providing security for Ritz Hotel. Henny Paul was the vice president of Security agency. Henny was providing all the details of client's meeting to Morris. Ritz would also have meeting of some Arab and Golf clients. Morris was involved in keeping spy cameras, voice recorders, on different locations in the hotel and keeping an eye on all these to function properly. Diana and her fiance Dodi Al Fahad were staying in Ritz where Morris was spying. When MOSAD knew that Diana and Dodi were staying in Ritz they contacted Henny Paul who was already in depression while doing all this, and he was killed in accident of Diana and Dodi, these all was planned by MOSAD. MOSAD was also involved in "Bill Clinton-Monica Lewisky" affair where MOSAD was in contact with some White House officials. MOSAD recorded the voice tapes of Bill Clinton and Monica which was played on US Media after which Bill Clinton was in trouble and after some time Clinton resigned. These all was planned by an unnamed MOSAD agent called MEGA. 

Indian RAW is also considered as the top agency in spying activities. The current National Security Advisor (NSA) of India was a former RAW agent. His experience includes working in Pakistan gathering important information for 7 years. Doval's achievements include talks with terrorist who infiltrated Golden Temple, Mizoram front movement, Kandahar Plane Hijack. All these missions were a great success for the Indian Government.

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